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Meade Telescope AC 70/700 Infinity AZ

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Explore the moon and the planets : discover craters and mountains on the moon, admire the magnificent rings of Saturn, and watch as Galileo Galileo the four great moons of Jupiter. But also light fog, like the Orion fog in 1350 light-years distance (!) You can observe - in addition countless double stars , like the beautiful pair Albireo in the swan. The azimuthal mount is intuitive to use and immediately ready for use . Since the tripod is also quite light, the entire system is very portable. The scope of delivery includes everything you need, especially eyepieces, which allow you to achieve various magnifications. The 1.25 "eyepiece connector is a standard feature that allows the use of additional accessories.

  • Opening 70mm
  • Telescoop Ontwerp Refractor
  • Brandpuntafstand 700mm
  • Brandpuntsverhouding f/10
  • Montering Azimuthal
  • Barrel size 1.25"
  • Soort oculair 25mm, 9mm
  • Zoeker Red dot finder
  • Barlow lens 2x

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Meade Telescope AC 70/700 Infinity AZ

Meade Telescope AC 70/700 Infinity AZ

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