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Mathematical Astronomy/ Morsels V

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In the first book of this series Roger Sinnott probably has written the best description of the Jean Meeus’ work: “Many celestial cycles are fleeting, destined to fade away after a few iterations as others overlap them or start up afresh. It is a fallacy to think that you can recreate planetary motions for many years by spinning back or fast-forwarding a planetarium projector. Only someone with a profound grasp of astronomical motions and relationships could have produced an authoritative book like this. “Some readers will see here an antidote to the claims of astrology. Others will gain a deep insight into the misuse of statistics, especially in such areas as the sunspot cycle and its relation to weather on Earth. But all of us can acquire plenty of ammunition to settle bets at star parties, test computer programs, and amaze our friends (or an astronomy professor) with some little-known surprises about the sky and calendar. “So why exactly does Christmas fall more often on a Tuesday than on a Monday? How many centuries will elapse before 10 successive Easters occur in April? What is the reason that total solar eclipses are more common for observers in the Northern Hemisphere than in the Southern? Turn thes pages in the first Mossels, and you’ll find out!” So will you find equally interesting in Morsels V.

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Mathematical Astronomy/ Morsels V

Mathematical Astronomy/ Morsels V

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